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Diabetics are especially prone to foot complications, and poor foot health is a sign of the disease increasing in severity. Protecting and caring for your feet is vital if you are a diabetic. The expert podiatrists at Battle Born Bone & Joint Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, provide comprehensive diabetic foot care to help you stay healthy. Book an appointment online or call one of their offices to schedule an appointment today.

Diabetic Foot Care Q & A

What is comprehensive diabetic foot care?

Comprehensive diabetic foot care is a complete and regular exam of your feet along with an outlined treatment plan. Possible nerve damage and circulation problems occur in diabetics’ feet. Poor circulation leads to slow healing and possible infection.

An experienced doctor can help prevent the loss of your toes or ulcers on your feet. The doctors at Battle Born Bone & Joint Center understand the importance of keeping your feet healthy and your diabetes under control.

What do diabetics need to do for comprehensive foot care?

Your doctor will best determine what routine you should follow for foot care. Typical habits you will be advised to do either daily or on a regular basis include:

  • Inspecting your feet
  • Bathing your feet in warm water
  • Moisturizing your feet
  • Carefully cutting your toenails
  • Avoid treating corns or calluses alone

The smallest sore or scratch on your foot can lead to infection. Your doctor can best advise you on a specific routine for your feet.

Can comprehensive diabetic foot care prevent surgery?

If you have diabetes, proper care of your feet can lessen the need for surgery. Because the nerves are damaged, pain and sores often go unnoticed in the foot. Careful foot care and proper health help avoid hospital visits due to diabetes complications.

What treatments are used in comprehensive diabetic foot care?

Comprehensive diabetic foot care includes caring for your feet when they are injured. To prevent infection or pain, your doctor may recommend the use of protective items such as:

  • Shoes with extra cushion and protection in the toe area
  • Soft casts
  • Compression socks or other wraps
  • Shoe inserts

If you have a sore on your foot, your doctor can clean the sore and prescribe antibiotics. Bone infections can be seen with an X-ray. The doctors at Battle Born Bone & Joint Center can advise you how best to prevent infection.

Receiving complete and total treatment for your feet when you have diabetes is not always given as much consideration as necessary, but many complications can occur if you are diabetic. 

Book an appointment online or calling the offices of Battle Born Bone & Joint Center today to get the comprehensive foot care you need.